Makebelieve Reality

Makebelieve Reality is my second collaboration with Sparkle Dance Films. Following “Catrina Farnell’s Lost” Catrina asked me If i’d like to get involved with another project. She sent me a script she had been working on which I turned into a screenplay for the film. The narrative was based around the idea that you don’t always know what is going on in your friends heads, and that everyones life in front of your eyes might actually be different in reality, and that sometimes you make something up to appear much happier than you are.

Primarily a dance feature, Makebelieve Reality is set in Blackpool UK, and focuses on a group of friends and their relationships, and more closely on a certain few who’s own lives are not what they would want others to see. Catrina asked me on board to direct and co-edit with Natalie Shrives (Fairytale). I also wrote and composed “In my Head” performed by Rachel Martin for this film.

Makebelieve Reality (2011)
Dir.Steve Otway / Prod. Catrina Farnell / Edit.Steve Otway & Natalie Shrives

Makebelieve Reality from Steve Otway on Vimeo.