Fairytale from Magic Wand Productions was my final year film at Roehampton University. My group and I all decided that from examples of previous years films, we didn’t want to make a gloomy, and serious film dealing with issues of addiction and death, which had seemed to become to usual avenue for student film at the time. We all loved musicals, and having a good depth of knowledge on the subject knew that this was our arena. No longer would audiences of student film have to be subjected to the worst of human nature, we would give them the best of cheesy musical, something to make people happy. I directed and co-wrote the script whilst writing the lyrics to the opening number “Once Upon A Tale”, composing “Fairytale Meeting” and re-authoring the music from Annetta Spaull’s “We Can Make It Through”. A lot of love went into this film, and it was an amazing learning experience as well as a piece I can be proud of.

Fairytale (2009)
Dir. Steve Otway / Prod. Roxanne Milner Brown / Cam.Alexandra Marie Unwin / Edit.Natalie Shrives

Fairytale from Steve Otway on Vimeo.