A piece of audio visual critisicm using stock footage, and audio driven visuals to describe history and film and life to its decay. It was a project at university where we had to take stock footage and create meaning from the images and sounds in whatever way we saw fit. Again choosing something musical I decided to use the clips to create a musical piece, and base it upon a human life, so the sounds and the visuals build as a life grows and learns, through to the end where everything becomes incoherent and eventually dies. Slightly morbid but I am pleased with how this piece came out. I do not personally own the rights to some of the footage but It exists here as an example of work from Roehampton University that I created. Dysplasia refers to a condition in the human body which deals with abnormality in development.

Dysplasia (2009)
Created by Steve Otway

Dysplasia from Steve Otway on Vimeo.