Catrina Farnell’s Lost

This is the first collaboration for Sparkle Dance Films. Originally a project envisioned by Catrina Farnell for her Dance Degree, Lost was later edited as a standalone short film. Catrina asked me to Direct/Film/and Edit the short. This was the beginning of our professional relationship for our film and theatre company.
The music is ‘Radio Protector’ by 65 Days of Static, and rights have been licensed to Catrina Farnell.

‘Lost’ takes place on Top Withens and the surrounding moors where the novel by Emily BrÓ§nte ‘Wuthering Heights’ is set. Choreographed by Catrina Farnell, Lost explores Kathy and Heathcliffe’s innocent love, and how it is corrupted. It is as if the remnants of their passionate relationship on the moor still resonates there and the dancers are picking up their ghosts. They are metaphorically and literally lost in the middle of nowhere. Shot Guerrilla style by a skeleton production team of 2, over 2 days. I decided to call it after Catrina as ‘Lost’ already exists as a popular TV show, but most importantly because this film is a product of Catrina’s continuing hard work and passion.

Catrina Farnell’s Lost
Prod.Catrina Farnell / Dir.Edit.Steve Otway

Catrina Farnell’s Lost from Steve Otway on Vimeo.